Welcome to the OC Food Cooperative

“Imagine walking into this airy utopia of fresh ingredients and warm, friendly neighbors all working together to help each other grow….”

Located in the heart of Orange County in Irvine, California, the OC Food Cooperative will be a retail grocery store co-operative.  This new gourmet food endeavor will combine healthy, reasonably priced, mindful selected grocery options with co-operative practices.   By doing so, it will take on an active role in supporting its passionate, local, and diverse community of Orange County.

The food co-op will strive to offer locally and organically grown produce and quality, healthful and environmentally and socially friendly foods at low costs to its members.  OC Food Co-op will be member-ownded and operated.  It will embrace the OC community and will work to ensure people from all socio-economic backgrounds have access to its benefits.  It seeks to develop a strong community institution by being a responsible and ethical entity, using not-for-profit purchasing and selling practices and maximizing hte positive impact through its presence.

Imagine walking into this airy utopia of fresh ingredients and warm, friendly neighbors all working together to help each other grow.  Where else in Orange County have you experienced this? No where.  Hence the reason I am fighting to introduce this new and exciting business venture to the Southern California county.



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5 responses to “Welcome to the OC Food Cooperative

  1. This is such a great topic! Since I’ve found myself as a college student without a meal plan this year, I’ve had a crash course into the world of cooking and groceries. Somehow, after grocery shopping, I am always dismayed at the quality of food and the lack of organic options (at an affordable price, at least). In addition, its hard to know when/where the good farmers markets are.

    From reading your later posts, I can see that you have a great grasp on the topic and understand the ways to make this wonderful idea a reality.

    Although it may be a little off-topic, something that would be nice to see on the blog would be a local farmers-market shopping guide, just as a little fun helping hand for your readers =)

    Also, something that could be cool to read about would be an interview with a farmer who sells in the farmers markets & see what their thoughts on a local food cooperative are.

  2. ps. Great job with the layout & the phots/videos! Your blog is brightly colored and fun to read

  3. Abby

    Hello, We are thinking about moving to Irvine. Is there a food co-op there yet? We are Rainbow shoppers, from SF. Thanks!

  4. ron pijlman

    Great news ! When and where in Irvive CA will they open ?
    Ron Pijlman Laguna Niguel CA

  5. Jane Wolfe

    I’d love to be a member. Where are you in the process?

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